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Advance Directive Attorney in naples

An Advance Directive is useful for making decisions for your healthcare. 

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What is an advance directive?

An Advance Directive is the umbrella term that includes any document expressing one's wishes for his or her healthcare in the event of incapacity. Other names are: Living Will,  Medical Power of Attorney, and Designation of Health Care Surrogate.

How an Advance care directive attorney help you?

Not having an Advance Directive may lead to unwanted medical interventions and unnecessary expense. Megan M. Kelly will personalize an Advance Directive to your particular needs, giving clarity and peace of mind to your family. 

advance directive vs. living will: what's the difference? 

One way to think of it is that a Living Will is a more specific set of directions within the bigger picture of an Advance Directive. A Living Will specifically applies to limited situations involving terminal end of life conditions. 

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