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So you're considering homeschooling ...we have the legal information you need, including a sample Notice of Intent to Homeschool

An education, no matter the location, is a vital component to the growth and development of our children. COVID-19 has disrupted the United States education system in ways that we could not fathom. An uncomfortable level of uncertainty hangs over the decision regarding whether to send your children back to school for the Fall 2020 semester. Education is paramount, but your child’s health outweighs any and all other considerations. If you are considering an alternative to sending your children back into the school system for the upcoming school year, then a “home education program” may be an ideal alternative. 


In order to begin a home education program for your child, there are a few things that must be done in accordance with Florida law. Firstly, the parent must notify the district school superintendent of the county in which the parent resides of their intent to begin a home education program. FL ST § 1002.41(1)(a) (2018).  “The notice must be in writing, signed by the parent, and include the full legal names, addresses and birthdates of all children” who will partake in the program. FL ST § 1002.41(1)(a) (2018).  Once the program has been accepted by the superintendent, the parent must maintain a portfolio of records and materials consisting of: (1) a log of educational activities and (2) samples of any writings or worksheets used or developed by the student. FL ST § 1002.41(1)(d). Upon request, and within 15 days of notice, the portfolio must be made available for an inspection by the superintendent of the district. The portfolio should be preserved for two years. FL ST § 1002.41(1)(e).


            In addition to the educational portfolio, parents shall provide an annual educational evaluation, which is also to be documented to demonstrate the student’s educational progress at a level commensurate with his or her ability. FL ST § 1002.41(1)(f). Upon completion of the home education program, a parent must submit a letter of termination and annual evaluation to the district superintendent. FL ST § 1002.41(1)(c).

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