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Megan M Kelly Law is a Naples estate planning attorney with years of experience assisting clients with Florida estate planning. These services are perfect for young families and those with elder needs.  I take a holistic approach to asset protection in Florida that involves the other professionals in your life who play an important role in your planning, including your CPA, financial advisor and insurance broker.  If you do not already have these in place I have many within my network and can help you find a good fit for your Florida estate planning needs. If you have minor children, naming the right guardian(s) is of utmost importance and I'll help you understand the process so that your children will never be in the wrong hands. If you need asset protection or estate planning in Florida, you can schedule a complimentary telephone consultation with me.

Why prepare a will?

If you haven't yet made your Will and do not have a Durable Power of Attorney or Designation of Health Care Surrogate to assist in the event of incapacity, there is no better time than the present.  The recent Florida Law Journal mentions record numbers of clients are seeking these services.  My firm is able to prepare your documents and help you get them signed while observing social distancing recommendations.

Can I Write My Own Will in Florida?

Yes, you can write your own will in Florida, however a lawyer can help you cover all areas that could be overlooked in a "do-it-yourself" will. Especially if you think that your will might be contested or if you want to disinherit your spouse, then you should talk with an attorney about Florida estate planning before writing your own will in Florida.

Coordinating your Estate and Business Succession Plans

The benefit of having an attorney who is adept at both estate planning and business law ensures that if your small business is an asset, possibly your largest, it's succession will be planned along with the rest of your Naples estate plan.  This is true legal life planning. Ensure that ALL your assets are protected, your human ones, your children! as well as your material ones, such as your Naples homestead and other assets.  Leave nothing to chance.

Protecting your assets from marital discord

Fellow attorneys recently wrote a very helpful article in our Florida Bar Journal about protecting wealth transfers from marital discord.  I have many clients inquire about what will happen to the assets they want to pass on to their children in the event one of them ends up divorcing.  Let me help you create solutions to reduce uncertainty and give you peace of mind.  Schedule a consultation today.

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Phone: (239) 273-5485

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