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Pet Trusts attorney in naples

Talking about Pet Trusts and putting your pet in the hands of another can be a topic most would rather not discuss, but having one in place is important in case of a tragic event.  Megan M. Kelly, Attorney at Law can help you create a Pet Trust.

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What is A Pet Trust?

A Pet Trust is a legal arrangement to provide pet care in the case the owner dies.  A Pet Trust is one way pet owners can make sure their pet is provided for after they move on.

What Type Of Instructions Should I Include in My Pet Trust?

Some examples of the type of instructions you may want to include in your Pet Trust so the caregiver is ready to take over may include: food & diet, daily routine, toys, crates, grooming, socialization, medical care, compensation for the caretaker, method for recording expenditures for reimbursement, if the trust covers liability insurance in case of injuries caused by the pet, how the trustee is to monitor caretaker's services, how to identify the animal, and the deposition of the pet's remains.

Who Should be the Trustee of my Pet Trust?

The trustee is typically a trust company , family member, or other individual who you trust to manage your property and make sure the beneficiary is doing a proper job of taking care of your pet.  While a family member may be willing to take on the responsibilities, it may be better to select a professional trustee who has experience needed.

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