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Elder Law attorney In Naples

Elder Law not only encompasses legal planning through documents such as a Trust, Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive, but also ensures that seniors have the resources they need to face aging with grace and dignity. Megan M. Kelly, Attorney at Law has a broad directory of resources to help families and individuals navigate any situations that can occur. She works closely with many industry professionals who are needed during this time period.

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Email:  Phone: (239) 273-5485

what are the Benefits of contacting a Naples elder law attorney?

Contacting an Elder Law Attorney helps ensure that the entire family has peace and security through what could otherwise be a challenging time. 

An Elder Law Attorney can help with:

- Document Preparation

- Having your affairs in order for peace of mind

- Connecting you with the qualified resources you may need

What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is any area of the law that affects elders. This can include:

- Traditional Estate Planning

- Planning to avoid Probate

- Ensuring seniors are protected from fraud and scams. 


Elder Law makes sure that seniors are able to manage their affairs and providing help if not. It can also include connecting seniors with resources that may include long-term disability insurance and other planning devices. 

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