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Florida Contract Law

Contract Drafting & review Naples, Florida
Attorney Megan M. Kelly

Contracts, Agreements, Business Records - Providing Transactional Assistance

Contract Drafting Services: Megan M. Kelly Law reviews and drafts all types of contracts including:

  • Residential or commercial leases

  • Florida non-disclosure agreements

  • Real estate

  • Employment or independent contractor agreements

  • Waivers

  • Legal document creation

  • And more; just ask!


Having a tightly drawn contract can prevent all manner of problems later.  This applies to any subject area, whether it is a partnership agreement, a contract for services, or anything else, legal document creation is an important process. Lately many clients have required waivers for their various businesses including yoga or dance instruction and art classes.  The waiver can be broad, covering any of the dangers or possible risks inherent in an activity.  As an example, I represent ranchers in Colorado who have needed waivers for horse riding on their ranch property. 

My background as a former litigator gives me unique perspective when it comes to advising corporate clients regarding Contract Drafting Services and other matters that arise. When it comes to protecting yourself and your business, layers of liability protection are important.  We can discuss what fits your situation best.

To get started drafting or reviewing a contract, you can reach me directly using the contact form.

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Email:  Phone: (239) 273-5485

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COVID-19 cONSIDERATIONS - Force Majeure Clauses

Currently, force majeure clauses in contracts are more important than ever given the current pandemic. A force majeure clause protects you in the event you are prevented from performing under a contract for many of the reasons we have seen come up lately with the pandemic. These include government action such as lockdowns, supply chain issues or pandemics.  For example, if you were to produce 100 widgets but COVID strikes your factory and you are unable to provide them, a force majeure clause could come into play.  Please contact me if you have questions about force majeure clauses or any other legal issue.

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