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My twenty years as an attorney have provided me a breadth of experience, beginning with commercial litigation, broadening into a range of business transactional and consulting services.  Licensed in Colorado since 1999, I am pleased to now make Naples home and extend my services to a Florida clientele.

While associated with my firm in Denver, Colorado I represented a range of clients, including real estate developers, landowners, ranchers, and families with their various legal needs, real estate transactions, forming businesses, and estate planning and probate.  I was involved in many trials, including a three-week construction case.  Other cases I handled involved landowner boundary disputes and partnership accountings.

As outside general counsel for my corporate clients, I have provided an array of services including document drafting for loan transactions, contracts for independent contractors, handling vendor disputes, employment issues, assessing insurance coverage, developing compliance materials, reviewing employee handbooks and serving as point person with human resources, acting as liaison between the client and out-of-state litigation counsel, and coordinating with experts in various fields when needed.  

Whether you have been in business many years or are considering starting a company, I offer a diverse assortment of services to assist you with your personal or business matters, including selecting the appropriate business entity, maintaining solid corporate documentation and developing in-house handbooks and training and compliance (including international export) materials, and on the personal side, consumer and real estate transactions and estate planning.

I am a member of the Collier County Bar Association, Florida Association for Women Lawyers, and Collier County Women's Bar Association.  On the civic side, I am an involved member of my church and a PTO board member.  I value our community and all it has to offer in terms of its people and beautiful environment.  My varied legal experience and well-rounded life allow me to consider all avenues and personalize my services to your specific legal needs.  I would love to talk further to discuss how I may give personal attention to your legal needs.  And, by the way, my firm has taken the Blue Zones Project Pledge because resolving legal issues and maintaining legal compliance are just another part of a healthy life.


Florida's Safer at Home Executive Order


SBA and the CARES Act


Having always had a virtual office I am perfectly positioned to help you with your legal issues during stay at home and safer at home orders.

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COVID-19 Legal Effects

April 5, 2020

The effects of the current public health crisis on our lives have been tremendous so far.  The lasting effects on our businesses are yet untold.  My law firm is poised to help you navigate through these uncharted waters.  I am keeping abreast of the cutting edge developments to best assist you.


Some Useful Resources

Choosing a Guardian for Minor Children

As parents a #1 reason to make sure we have a Will is to name a guardian for our minor children.  God forbid something should happen to both parents!  These are the unfortunate, unlikely events that we need to prepare for as responsible parents.  Thinking about it gives us a stomach ache enough but then once we decide to go forward we are faced with the difficulties of who to name.  Initially our go-to may be our parents who live locally and watch our kids when we go away for the weekend.  But is this really the best choice?  Perhaps not.  When choosing guardians for our kiddos, we must look at the age of the people we are considering.  Sure, our parents are fit and young seeming now and able to manage our kids for a couple of days but is this a realistic option as they age and for the longterm?  Another overlooked question is whether it is important for us to have a couple raising our kids.  If so, what happens if the couple you choose divorce?  Would you want your kids to be raised by one of those people or would you prefer your children go to a different couple?  In addition, do you want your children to be able to remain local or do the benefits of them being housed with out of state family outweigh the convenience and stability of staying in their local school and with their neighborhood friends?  Hopefully these questions help you consider the right people for this very important job rather than deter you.  You’ll have so much more peace after you have this piece of your plan in place.

Small Business

Our nation was founded by small business owners.  November 30th we celebrate those who continue in that tradition, forming the heart of our communities. It is Small Business Day.  How will you celebrate?  One idea is to do something that will provide lasting value for the business you have built through long nights and sweat equity.  As a corporate attorney I come alongside your business to offer useful, practical advice and answer your real life questions as you grow your business.  I understand that my clients value my legal experience and knowledge that can help them create solutions, not create roadblocks. I also understand that there is a reason you do not have full-time inside counsel and have an interest in making the money you spend on advice worthwhile, practical, and efficient.  You may think hiring an attorney is expensive but I offer cost effective, subscription plans that can help you mitigate the risks of expensive litigation down the road, which just makes good sense.

The W-9 "Employee"...a Misnomer

So your business is growing and you are ready to add to your staff.  It is not always easy to determine whether the persons you hire are employees or independent contractors but the determination may hugely impact wage and hour determinations, tax treatment, and liability for the person’s actions.  Several factors influence the determination, including:  who sets the hours the person keeps;  whether the person is eligible for benefits;  how and where work is performed;  and whose equipment is used.    

To distinguish between an employee and an independent contractor, the following factors* are considered:

  • If the employer has a right to control the person’s means and methods of performing the work

  • The level of skill is required of the person hired

  • Whether the person hired has an independent business apart from their work for the employer

  • If the employer supply the place of work/instrumentalities to be used by the person

  • The duration and method of payment

*Not an exhaustive list.  

A Good Contract is Your Best Defense

My commercial litigation background sets me apart from your average transactional attorney because when I write a contract I am thinking about the ways someone could attack that contract in court down the road.  My firm crafts contracts for every personal or professional purpose and we are always striving to keep current with the ever changing law and times.  For example, we are updating our contract force majeure clause to address health related shut downs, quarantines and shortages which are affecting many businesss today. 


No Time Like the Present

Plan Now for Peace of Mind


If you haven't yet made your Will and do not have a Durable Power or Attorney or Designation of Health Care Surrogate to assist in the event of incapacity, there is no better time than the present.  The recent Florida Law Journal mentions record numbers of clients are seeking these services.  My firm is able to prepare your documents and help you get them signed while observing social distancing recommendations.  Call today!

Fellow attorneys recently wrote a very helpful article in our Florida Bar Journal about protecting wealth transfers from marital discord.  I have many clients inquire about what will happen to the assets they want to pass on to their children in the event one of them ends up divorcing.  Let me help you create solutions to reduce uncertainty and give you peace of mind.  Schedule a consultation today.

Megan M. Kelly

Attorney at Law

Twenty years' experience providing services with clarity, simplicity, efficiency and professionalism with an emphasis on customer service.


Our Areas of Practice

Personalized Legal Services and Consultation

Personalized Outside Counsel Corporate Services

Targeted to your specific needs

Giving small companies the same advantage of larger companies with ongoing risk spotting guidance and assistance with contract preparation and review of corporate materials such as employee handbooks. I will partner with you to meet your company's specific needs on a flat fee monthly subscription package which includes a specific number of hours dedicated to the legal needs of your business.

Transactional Assistance and Document Preparation

Contracts, Agreements, Business Records

Experienced in reviewing, drafting and advising on contracts, agreements and business records, whether related to real estate, employment or consumer transaction.

Real Estate

Contract, Lease and Deed Review and Drafting 

Experienced with the real estate transaction process and related documentation.  I can work with you and your realtor to help round out your team of professionals and ensure this important investment is protected.  I can offer a knowledgeable review of your real estate contract or lease, as well as draft rental agreements for investment properties.  Passionate about educating individuals about the effects of the various forms of property ownership. How you take or hold title to property can affect your future ownership and/or transfer of the property.

Will and Powers of Attorney Preparation and Guidance;  Choosing a Guardian for Minor Children

Helping you and your family be prepared

Years of experience assisting clients with their comprehensive estate planning needs, including young families and those with elder needs.  I take a holistic approach that involves the other professionals in your life who play an important role in your planning, including your CPA, financial advisor and insurance broker.  If you do not already have these in place I have many within my network and can help you find a good fit for your needs.  If you have minor children naming the right guardian(s) is of utmost importance and I'll help you understand the process so that your children will never be in the wrong hands.


Valued Feedback From My Valued Clients

Megan Kelly is very knowledgeable and was very helpful to me both before and after my husband died earlier this year.  She is a great lawyer and went the "extra mile" for me several times.  Debbie Bode

When you meet Megan Kelly, who immediately impresses you with her personable nature and outgoing and friendly demeanor, you see she is a true professional in her field.  She related well with me not only on a female level but can understand my emotions as a mother and a professional in my own right.  You too will see you have found the perfect professional match.  I also had the honor and privilege of attending a seminar where Ms. Kelly spoke as an advocate for women, encouraging us to take a more active role in planning our future.  Patricia L. Halloran, R.N.


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Naples, FL, USA 








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