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Megan M Kelly, Attorney at Law has years of experience in Naples business law. I provide large and small companies alike with ongoing risk spotting guidance, assistance with contract preparation, and review of corporate materials such as employee handbooks. I will partner with you to meet your company's specific needs on a flat fee monthly subscription package which includes a specific number of hours dedicated to the legal needs of your business.

Business arrangements are similar to marriages.  Clear communication and thorough written agreements can help prevent issues that occur later in a “divorce.”  You can prevent years of litigation and the expense involved by planning your business arrangements well now with the help of an experienced Naples FL business attorney.

Whether you have been in business many years or are considering starting a company, I offer a diverse assortment of services to assist you with your personal or business matters. Business formation is an important process that should be handled correctly from the start to avoid future complications. An experienced attorney can help you through the Florida business formation process. My full services include selecting the appropriate business entity, maintaining solid corporate documentation and developing in-house handbooks and training and compliance (including international export) materials, and on the personal side, consumer and real estate transactions and estate planning. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with me to get started.

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The W-9 "Employee"...a Misnomer

So your Florida business is growing and you are ready to add to your staff.  It is not always easy to determine whether the persons you hire are employees or independent contractors but the determination may hugely impact wage and hour determinations, tax treatment, and liability for the person’s actions.  Several factors influence the determination, including:  who sets the hours the person keeps;  whether the person is eligible for benefits;  how and where work is performed;  and whose equipment is used.    


To distinguish between an employee and an independent contractor (W9 Florida), the following factors* are considered:

  • If the employer has a right to control the person’s means and methods of performing the work

  • The level of skill is required of the person hired

  • Whether the person hired has an independent business apart from their work for the employer

  • If the employer supplies the place of work/instruments to be used by the person

  • The duration and method of payment

*Not an exhaustive list.  

Coordinating your Estate and Business Succession Plans

The benefit of having a Naples business attorney who is adept at both estate planning and business law ensures that if your small business is an asset, possibly your largest, its succession will be planned along with the rest of your estate plan.  This is true legal life planning.  Ensure that ALL your assets are protected, your human ones; your children! as well as your material ones.  Leave nothing to chance.

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