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Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator for Circuit Court and Family Cases

As a certified Mediator, I will be a neutral third party host to help resolve issues so all parties will be satisfied with the final outcome.

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What I Can Do For You As A Mediator:

As a Florida Certified Mediator based in Naples, I know that disputes can be difficult. I am here to help parties achieve an efficient and cost effective outcome. During Mediation, I act as a neutral party who hears both sides of a dispute, and I work to help parties achieve a reasonable outcome. The process is confidential. If you have been ordered by the Court or chosen alternative dispute resolution regarding your property, contract, probate, or business dispute, I am here to help.

I am certified to mediate Circuit Court cases, including:

I am certified to mediate Circuit Court cases, including:

what benefits does A mediator provide?

A mediator can provide many of benefits including:

  • Quick simple way to resolve a dispute

  • Cost effective

  • Both parties will get satisfactory results

  • Confidential

  • Time saver

  • Gives the parties more control

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