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Living Wills attorney
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Talking about Living Wills can be a sensitive topic, but having one in place is really important in case of a tragic event.  Megan M. Kelly, Attorney at Law can help create your Living Will.

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What is a living will?

A Living Will is a written document that will specify what an individual wants near the end his or her life. It will state what kind of medical decisions or treatment you would want in the event you find yourself  unable to make a decision.

What are the Benefits of contacting an Attorney who can help with living wills?

Making a decision for a Living Will can be difficult so having an attorney to help you make your decisions can be extremely helpful. Having an attorney that is familiar with these documents will make sure you as the individual will get the care you want in case of a medical emergency. It is beneficial to discuss your options in case you find yourself in a situation where you can't make decisions on your own.

who benefits from A living will?

A Living Will benefits:

  • Family members because they will be clear about your decisions 

  • You would benefit because your wishes will be respected

  • Medical staff who may be required to provide care unless you have this document

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