photos from our brunch & bubbly event  at Juicelation in Naples!

January, 2021

photos from Megan's client appreciation brunch at michael monroe Ethridge's art studio in naples

December, 2021

photos from the October event at mercato italiano

Photos by:
roberto torres

Instagram: @Roberto._Torres

Megan M. Kelly, Attorney at Law-Estate Planning Event in Naples-Wills and Trusts Lawyer-9_

October 2021


Wine Tasting and Tips from Top Planners

Held at: Mercato Italiano


Megan M. Kelly, Attorney at Law


Jennifer Lee 
Author & Founder of Modern Wealth

Recap of Mercato Event:

Guests learned about Megan’s top tips to help women prepare their estates and get their legal documents in order


Attendees heard an excerpt from Jennifer’s new book “Squeeze the Juice” and discovered why the family love letter is the most important piece of the financial puzzle


Guests enjoyed a complimentary wine tasting served with heavy hors d'oeuvres


All attendees received a signed copy of the book


Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events in 2022!