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Designation of health care surrogate

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What is a living trust?

A Living Trust allows you to distribute your wealth exactly as you wish without the expense of Probate. 

WHy should you choose a living trust?

Choose a Living Trust if:

  • You have a Blended Family

  • You own property in more than one state

  • You want to avoid Probate

  • You value your privacy

What is the difference between a Living Will and a Living Trust?

The former addresses whether you wish to have artificial nourishment  in the event of an end of life situation. 

The latter is a vehicle for administering and distributing your assets. For further clarification contact Megan M. Kelly.    

Living Trust Attorney in Naples

A Living Trust can be helpful if you're looking to protect and distribute your Estate Assets. A Living Trust allows you to do this in a private manner while also avoiding Probate.

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