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Contract, Lease and Deed Review and Drafting 

Megan M Kelly is experienced with Collier County real estate transactions, the involved processes and related documentation.  I can work with you and your realtor to help round out your team of professionals and ensure this important investment is protected.  I can offer a knowledgeable review of your real estate contract or lease, as well as draft rental agreements for investment properties. I strive to educate buyers and sellers about Collier County real estate transactions. (i.e.) The effects of the various forms of property ownership. How you take or hold title to property can affect your future ownership and/or transfer of the property.

Are you a real estate investor?

I can guide you with practical experience in making the most efficient decisions for the structure of your investments as well as how to protect them in case something should happen to you.  Make sure your loved ones will have peace of mind with legal life planning that targets your specific niche.

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Phone: (239) 273-5485

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